Time-saving and user-friendly features

Check the cool time-saving features we’ve added to Pascal. User-friendly features to help you screen individuals and entities accurately and efficiently.
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New duplicate cases system Pascal 2.8.1 (10 September 2020)
Pascal now tracks duplicate cases. The platform notifies you if you try to create a case that already exists. A case only qualifies as a duplicate if all the inputs are an exact match with an already existing case. You have the option to continue making the case, or you can be redirected to the Case Manager, where all cases that are duplicates are shown.

New Reporting System Pascal 2.6.0 (25 June 2020)
Case report generation has new customising options. You can now choose which content to include in the report. To do so, you click on the ‘Report’ button within a case, and a new canvas will pop up. The sections you can select or deselect are: Overview, Input, Policies, Key Findings, Risk, Audit, Comments, Include and Exclude. When your report is finished, you can now have it mailed to your email address (the one you have linked to Pascal), using the Email button. You can now also change the name of the report before downloading or emailing it. Finally, when the report has been generated it will now remain available for download 30 days in the Report Manager, after which it is deleted.

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Intelligent Grouping Pascal 2.5.0 (28 May 2020)
“Intelligent Grouping” is a handy new feature that has been added to the “Case Manager”. This window will show all cases that are linked to each other. Cases are linked when a user creates a case from a hyperlink in another case. These cases can be seen grouped together in the “Intelligent Grouping” window. If you change the “File” of a linked case in this window, that will change the “File” of all cases linked to it as well.

File Reporting Pascal 2.5.0 (28 May 2020)
You can now generate file reports by clicking the “File report” button in the “Case Manager”. These reports show all cases that are associated to a specific file.

Translation Services Pascal 2.5.0 (28 May 2020)
For the “Associated Media” source within cases, a translation function has been added for the fields Title, Summary, Persons, Organisations and Authors. Hovering over one of these fields will show a translation of the relevant text. The source language of this text is automatically detected, and you can choose the target language with the new “Translation language” setting.