Data is a rich resource, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool to extract valuable information from it. Organisations are more than willing to invest in AI solutions that can find answers in data to the questions that matter most to them. But will it be worthwhile? That depends firstly on the quality of the data: whether it is accurate, up to date, and consistent. Secondly on its suitability: whether it actually contains the information needed to answer the question.

Perfect environment for AI development

Rapid AI prototyping is a quick and easy way to determine whether your data has the required quality to be used in AI solutions and which AI models would suit best. And Firenze, Vartion’s rapid AI prototyping platform, offers the perfect environment. Vartion created Firenze to further develop and support its successful, AI-powered Harvey and Pascal tools. Now, Firenze is being made available to third parties with AI ambitions of their own.


With Firenze, rapid AI prototyping is a matter of uploading and optimising a data set, training and testing an AI model, and evaluating the results. All with just a few clicks of a button. It quickly gives customers an indication of the data’s value and the kind of AI model best suited for extracting the relevant insights from it.

More than just the basics

But Firenze does more. It makes project management easy for customers. It offers them a secure sandbox in which to experiment, an intuitive interface, collaboration facilities, and an optional cloud-based library to store their models and data sets. Meanwhile, every step is recorded in a clear audit trail. A convenient set-up for experienced and less experienced users alike. If needed, however, Vartion’s team of AI experts are on hand to provide the desired level of support and advice on follow-up steps.
Firenze, birthplace of the Renaissance, is now the place where brilliant AI solutions are born.

Rapid AI prototyping

Firenze is a platform for rapid prototyping of AI. Vartion uses Firenze to further develop its AI-powered Harvey and Pascal tools. Now, third parties can use it to:

  • Test the quality and suitability of datasets for AI applications
  • Explore what kind of AI model can unlock relevant insights

On the Firenze platform, customers can

  • Upload, clean and analyse data
  • Create traceable experiments
  • Choose from a range of AI models to train on
  • Evaluate results within and across experiments

Firenze’s advantages

  • Secure sandbox in which to experiment
  • Intuitive interface
  • Collaborative platform
  • Full project management capabilities
  • Cloud-based library for models and data sets
  • Clear audit trail
  • Support and advice from Vartion’s AI experts if needed


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