Building Architecture from
Deploy the AI revolution real-time

Transform Worldwide Data Into Solutions

Know Your Customer

Understand you customers/clients with Pascal AI.

Anti-Money Laundering

Deploy a barrier against crime with data intelligence.

Anomaly Detection

Detect network and co-occurrence anomalies with Vartion.

News Identification

Interpret news as humans do, with Pascal.

Technology that empowers leaders

Make public data work for your organization.

Intelligent Check / Reporting

Identify entities with Pascal’s Intelligent Checks: Namecheck, Businesscheck and Countrycheck in conjuction with Intelligent Reporting.

Case Management

Create and manage one or multiple cases directly from within Pascal or from and external (on-premise) data source.

250M+ Entities Real-time

Include millions of real-time entities such as company officers and politically exposed persons into our compliance workflow within in seconds of your initial search.