Branding, concept, design & project management: Tangerine Design, Rotterdam
Text: Carla Bakkum and Roeland Jan Umans
Illustrations: Stracknl
Developed by: Emiel Efdee, Todaytomorrow

Commit to us and our ambition

We are an exciting software development company in the field of data analytics. We deliver solutions to gain valuable insights from unstructured data for life sciences and finance. At the core of our business is our in-company developed search engine, which is largely driven by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology. By continuing to develop this search engine, we are also developing the Vartion company. In effect, our team needs to grow. We are always looking for highly skilled professionals who are eager to commit to us and our ambition: complementing human intelligence, and helping our users gain new insights – faster and more efficiently than ever.