New Pascal release: more complete, easier to use

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Vartion’s Pascal is always evolving, with a strong focus not only on substantive functionality – the search and analysis power of the platform – but also on user functionality. We constantly ask ourselves how we can achieve better and more complete search and analysis results, and how we can better facilitate users in their compliance management. In the past months we have made Pascal better, more complete and easier to use. Below is a brief summary of the latest additions and improvements.

Passport Verification

When users perform a new Person Check, they can now use Passport Verification to verify passport details. It starts with either uploading a passport image or completing input fields manually. Creating the case with a Generated Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) enables users to review the results. They can check the input used to ensure that all information has been filled in correctly, and then either reject or accept the output of the Passport Verification. If they accept, it is added in generated reports.

Politically Exposed Persons in Business Check cases

Business Check has been extended to include the Politically Exposed Persons source. A Business Check will now list all Politically Exposed Persons who appear in the data as being or having been associated to the searched company. Any Business Check case that had been made earlier can easily be completed with this PEP source.

New dashboard system

One of the biggest and most recent changes in Pascal is the addition of a dashboard system. This makes it possible to get a quick overview of all actions that have been carried out in Pascal and therefore explicitly helps users in reporting on the compliance management process. The dashboard has a new, very clear design and can largely be arranged according to users’ own wishes. The handy, predefined dashboard “tiles” are equipped with easy-to-understand charts and maps and include customisable filters and time ranges. Users can add Tiles to the dashboard without any difficulties and see a preview first. The information in the dashboard is also easily printable. This provides insight at a glance into the results of Pascal-analyses and 24/7 monitoring.