Interview with Levi Kuperus: The engineer behind Vartion’s Pascal

Meet Levi, our Lead DevOps Engineer at Vartion, guiding our DevOps team through the evolving landscape of application development and system integration. From the outset, Levi's multifaceted role has transitioned from a jack-of-all-trades to a leader of a specialized team, reflecting Vartion's growth and focus on innovation.
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Could you introduce yourself?

“Hi, I’m Levi, and I have been with Vartion since its start. Initially, we didn’t have defined roles or teams within development, so I contributed across various tasks. As the company expanded, I took on the role of Lead DevOps Engineer. Now, our focus is on application development and integrating insights from other teams into our products.”


Share a leadership moment or initiative at Vartion that stands out to you.

“My leadership role differs from that of the research lead. My involvement in project management is limited, as we approach this collectively as a team. Initially, Pascal’s selling point was its speed. At that time, the system was relatively simple. It has since evolved into a much more sophisticated system, yet it retains its rapid processing capabilities. This achievement was not mine alone; it was realized in collaboration with the DevOps team.”


What qualities do you believe every member of the DevOps team should possess to be succesful at Vartion?

“To excel in this role, versatility and teamwork are essential. Effective communication skills are also crucial, as frequent interactions with clients and other stakeholders are a significant part of the job. A curious nature is beneficial, encouraging proactive learning and problem-solving. Within our team, we foster a supportive environment where questions are encouraged, and seeking both assistance and solutions independently is valued.”


Demonstrating initiative and maintaining engagement are key aspects of my approach.

How do you ensure that Vartion’s infrastructure is scalable, reliable, and secure?

“To remain competitive, we prioritize staying informed about industry trends and the activities of other companies. Utilizing a mix of tools for both manual and automated testing, we ensure scalability and reliability. Furthermore, our commitment to quality is underscored by holding the ISAE certification, which is verified by an external auditor.”


How do you envision the future of DevOps at Vartion?

“The future of Vartion directly influences our team’s expansion. As Vartion grows, so does our team, capitalizing on the diverse range of tasks within the DevOps team to ensure there’s ample work. To accommodate more projects, we consider subdividing our team into specialized sub-teams.”


Patrick Croonen, CTO/COO of Vartion: “Levi Kuperus’s adeptness and forward-thinking mindset in driving our technological strategies have been essential to the evolution of our flagship KYC/AML product, Pascal. Levi’s leadership also exemplifies the integration of innovation and teamwork, making him an invaluable asset to Vartion. ”