At a time when the volume of available data is exploding, your challenge is to keep an overview and take full advantage of this rich resource. Using our powerful Vartion engine and unique AI powered tools, we scientifically analyse data and transform it into valuable information for you. This is what we call Applied Data Intelligence.

Less risk, less time, less costs:
AI-based support for compliance
and risk decisions

Pascal is Vartion’s unique compliance and risk decision support platform. Using our powerful Vartion search engine and Artificial Intelligence techniques, Pascal is designed to discover hits and/or patterns in Big Data and various sanction and PEP lists, company data in corporate registers and news data. An indispensable tool to remain compliant with “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and “Customer Due Diligence” (CDD) regulations.


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Speeding up life science
research to build a better

Manual literature research is time consuming and error-prone, since it is impossible to assess all available data. As the body of scientific data grows each year, so does the need for automatic data retrieval systems.


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Perfect enviroment
for AI developments

Rapid AI prototyping is a quick and easy way to determine whether your data has the required quality to be used in AI solutions and which AI models would suit best. And Firenze, Vartion’s rapid AI prototyping platform, offers the perfect environment. Vartion created Firenze to further develop and support its successful, AI-powered Harvey and Pascal tools.

On the Firenze platform, customers can

  • Upload, clean and analyse data
  • Create traceable experiments
  • Choose from a range of AI models to train on
  • Evaluate results within and across experiments
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Next-level knowledge through innovative data analysis

At Vartion we combine science, IT expertise and fascination for Artificial Intelligence to provide our customers with new insights - faster and more efficiently than ever. Vartion takes knowledge to the next level through innovative data analysis. It’s what we have been doing since our establishment in 2015.

Analyse, connect and give meaning to data

Vartion is a young and exciting company in the field of data analytics, founded in 2015 by two bioinformatics students. In 2018, a team of seasoned entrepreneurs saw the company’s game-changing potential and stepped in to ensure Vartion’s sustainable growth.

Complementing human intelligence

While science remains close to our hearts, we are very well aware of the unique power of the Vartion engine and the many possibilities it opens up. Vartion’s goal is to combine science, IT expertise and fascination for Artificial Intelligence to help our users gain new insights – faster and more efficiently than ever.

and disruptive

As we continue to develop the search engine, we are also developing as a company. Our team is growing, the influx consisting mainly of highly skilled and cherry-picked talents from various disciplines who are eager to commit to us.

Commit to us and our ambition

We are a young company in the exciting field of data analytics. We deliver novel insights into unstructured data for life sciences and finance. At the core of our business is our in-company developed search engine, which is largely driven by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology. By continuing to develop this search engine, we are also developing the Vartion company. In effect, our team needs to grow. We are always looking for highly skilled professionals who are eager to commit to us and our ambition: complementing human intelligence, and helping our users gain new insights – faster and more efficiently than ever.